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Mental toughness, competitiveness, big game confidence, motivation, and composure under pressure are among the most important mental skills for the 21st Century athlete, coach & team.

At Icebox Athlete we are dedicated to developing high impact training programs and DVDs for these key mental toughness skills. For the past 15 years we have been dedicated to sports performance improvement, and have impacted athletes, coaches & teams at every level of sport from the Olympic, professional and elite collegiate programs to high schools and youth leagues.

For power-centric sports, the development of great speed, agility, quickness, power and jumping ability is also critical for sports performance improvement. To learn how to jump higher, learn how to run faster, and access the most effective agility drills, check out our SPEED-PACKS training pack that contains cutting-edge plyometric, speed and agility training equipment with easy-to-use DVD and training manual, all contained in an over-the-shoulder carry bag.

With Icebox Athlete you can unlock your full performance potential.

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Two mental skills and toughness training product options!…

Option 1
The Edge Mental
Toughness DVD SeriesIcebox Athlete Mental Skills Video
Option 2
The Mental Skills Audio
CD ProgramIcebox Athlete Mental Skills Video

Our explosive speed, agility & quickness training pack!

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“We recently took 50 of our athletes through an icebox speed, agility, quickness clinic and I was blown away. Our athletes were given one of the most important foundations for their athletic improvement that they can ever receive. They had fun but boy was it intense! I have been exposed to some speed training and

Mental Toughness Success

Icebox Athlete President, Dr. Spencer Wood rehired by MLB team for 2nd season The Detroit Tigers have extended their ‘Mental Skills Coach’ relationship with Icebox founder Dr. Spencer Wood to provide mental skills and toughness training services throughout the Detroit Tigers organization, with primary responsibility for the Major League Players. The training responsibilities will include