In Pursuit of Character DVD Series

Perfect for teams, individual athletes and coaches looking to build character,
leadership & a winning team culture.

THE EDGE - Mental Toughness Training

Perfect for athletes, coaches and teams looking for that essential mental toughness edge.

THE EDGE - Mental Toughness Training
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Icebox Featured Success Story

“Mental toughness, poise, focus and confidence is critical for the success of my team at the University of Florida and Spencer Wood is somebody I use to help create that mental edge for my team. Spencer has worked with my team on multiple occasions both in the pre-season and to prepare for big games and he has done an outstanding job. His Icebox mental skills teaching methods have unlocked the secret on how you can effectively be at your best when it counts the most.”

Billy Donavan

NBA Head Coach
Former Head Coach University of Florida
2006 National Championship
2007 National Championship
2010 Recipient John Wooden “Legend of Coaching Award”